Shuthuka Agri Services is a specialist service provider in the agricultural and agri-processing space with its core expertise across the whole agri value chain. Boasting over 100 years of commercial farming experience, we have engaged and managed the value chain of major agricultural businesses across the SADC region.


To mentor and up skill emerging farmers who in turn will become vital in the management of successful and viable community farming projects in the future.


Shuthuka focuses on sustainability of the agri concerns with the objective of enabling previously disadvantaged individuals to independently manage commercial farming operations sustainably into the future.


1-Long term management skills transfer

2-Financial Management oversight

3-Strategic operational support


5-Expert Agri-related Technical support

6-Supply chain bulk negotiations / bulk buying

7-Off take agreement support / negotiations

8-Access to Trade Finance bridge loans



Shuthuka leverages its expertise, holistic service offering and extensive experience to implement a solution wherein; Shuthuka facilitates the farming operations up until the stage where the previously disadvantaged farmer has the necessary skills to manage the commercial concern independently.

Shuthuka accepts the responsibility of overseeing and managing operations in partnership with the land owners and communities ensuring that true transformation is achieved through commercial skills transfer to the emerging farmers


Qwabe Agri farm is a Qwabe community operation falling within the iLembe district. The operation currently has 470 hectares under sugar cane. Sugar Cane farms are by far one of the largest employers of labour due to the nature of the steep terrain most of our sugar cane is planted. This limits the use of large machinery. Qwabe Agri is 760 hectares in size. The farm has great infrastructure with its water rights and irrigation system.

Rocky Park Farm is located in the northern part of Eastern Cape under the high commercial production area of the province. The farm has been in operation for over 40 years and it is situated in rich soils and water for irrigation is accessible. The current Rocky Park Farm is 1100. The farm produces maize, potatoes and beans with a potential citrus expansion plan of up to 300 hectares. . Rocky Park has been in successfuloperation for over 40 years.

Emboni farm, a part of Shuthuka Flagship Farm, is a 60-year-old farming operation situated in Kwa Dukuza, KwaZulu-Natal.


It was once only a sugar cane farm which is now being diversified into macadamia’s and bananas.


The Shuthuka offices, agri projects, housing and mechanisation are all are based on Emboni Farm in KZN.

Maizefield Farm is a grain, sheep and cattle farm situated on the Vaal River in the vicinity of Villiers, FreeState.







Macadamias are an extremely nutritious nut with high export potential and in high demand globally. South Africa is currently the Global leader in Macadamia production, and these are grown successfully in the five Macadamia growing Provinces. KZN has become the fast-growing province in Macadamia farming which has been largely due to commercial farmers shifting from farming sugarcane to farming with Macadamias. Macadamias are chosen because the experts consider the KZN coast as the best in the world to grow macadamia nuts due to the climatic conditions of the region.


The rand hedge capability and low input costs associated with macadamia production will support long-term profitability. FoxFin Financial Services understand the complexities around the requirement for 12J shareholders request to exit their investments post year five. Taking this into account Shuthuka will establish a pre-determined structure which will enable a seamless exit post year five while “guaranteeing” a minimum hurdle ROI for the five-year period. Shuthuka is currently in an advanced funding stage for their own processing facility which will be based at the Shuthuka head office in Doringkop.




The Macadamia farming industry has taken off in South Africa and continues to grow at a rate of knotts. The failing sugar industry has forced many coastal farmers to diversify away from sugar cane and venture into more lucrative crops. Due to the excellent climate match for macadamias it has been many coastal farmers first choice. Shuthuka Agri with over 200 years of combined management experience will manage the Nursery. Mr Stegen who is Managing Director of Shuthuka is a 3rd generation farmer in the area with vast experience and knowledge on various agri operations. Management of the farm will be guided by a board of directors, composed of members from both Sebvest Capital Partners and Shuthuka Agri. This will ensure governance of the highest level is adhered to. Shuthuka is in the process of planting 160 hectares of Macadamias on the flagship farm where the premise is to structure a learning centre for all previously disadvantaged managers whereby forefront management practices will be taught from the Shuthuka Flagship and Emboni Farm.


Shuthuka have the resources to establish the nursery with minimal overheads enabling great returns to 12J shareholders. The timing for Shuthuka nursery couldn’t be better with the current demand for macadamia tress in KZN and the increased government spending into macadamia development projects.




Blueberries may be added to the list of the most challenging crops to grow, but their distinctive characteristics are also the most rewarding. The blueberry market is unsaturated and is one of the fastest growing fruit markets in the International Fruit Industry.


The international blueberry market is growing at an astronomical rate with populations becoming more health conscious. South Africa have a cost advantage over 1st world producers due to the low cost of labour and resources giving us a strategic edge over competitors. Shuthuka Blueberry Project is significantly de-risked due to the support structure surrounding the farm which is located a mere 500m from the Shuthuka Head Office.



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Warwick Blamey
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Jacques Verster
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Qwabe Agri
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Manager: Rocky Park Farm
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MD: Rocky Park Farm




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